Privacy Policy

"Fancy Music" respect and protect the personal privacy of all the users in using the "Fancy Music" app. In order to provide you with more accurate and more personalized service, "Fancy Music" will use or disclose your personal information in accordance with provisions of

this Privacy Policy and handle with high discretion. Except any other regulations of this Privacy Policy, "Fancy Music" will not disclose the information

or provide to any third party without your prior permission. "Fancy Music" will update this Privacy Policy from time to time. This Privacy is an integral

part of the service agreement of "Fancy Music", so you are deemed to agree with this Private Policy when you agree with the service agreement of "Fancy Music".

1. Scope of application

a) Required personal information when registering account on "Fancy Music" official website.
b) User information you provided in the "Fancy Music" account center when registering for product exchange or other activities that organized by "Fancy Music".
c) Other personal information that "Fancy Music" acquired through proper means. You are aware of and agree that the following information do not apply in this Privacy Policy:

1) The key words in your published comments on "Fancy Music" forum.
2) Your public information available on "Fancy Music" forum, including but not limited to, activity participation, transaction information, and other sharing information.
3) Any behavior that goes against law or regulations of "Fancy Music" forum.

2. Use of information


a) Without your prior permission, "Fancy Music" will not provide it to any third party, nor to sell, rent, share or do any transaction.
b) "Fancy Music" will not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or distribute your personal information free of charge.
c) To provide better service to users, "Fancy Music" will provide you with possible information to your interests according to your personal information.

3. Disclosure of information


In the following cases, "Fancy Music" will disclose your personal information fully or partially in accordance with your personal willingness or legal regulations:

a) Disclose it to the third party with your prior permission.
b) To provide you with the requested products or services, "Fancy Music" have to share your personal information with the third party.
c) In accordance with the relevant provisions of the law or other regulations of administrative or judicial organization, "Fancy Music" disclose it to the third party, administrative or judicial organization.
d) In case of any violation to relevant law or regulations, rules of "Fancy Music" service agreement caused by your behavior, "Fancy Music" have  to disclose your personal information to the third party.
e) If you are a qualified intellectual property owner and already filed a lawsuit, on the reasonable request of the accused person, "Fancy Music" have to disclose the information so as to settle the dispute.
f) Other situations that "Fancy Music" deem as proper according to law, regulation or the policy of website.


4. Storage of information


All your information and related data that acquired by "Fancy Music" will not be stored on server.


5. Security of information


a) There is security protection function for each "Fancy Music" account. And "Fancy Music" will use security precautions such as encrypted password to protect your information from any loss,

abuse or alteration. Despite the security measures, you are still required to keep your username and password well, since there is no perfect security on network.
b) When using "Fancy Music" network services, please properly protect your personal information, and only disclose to others when necessary. 

If you find your username and password of "Fancy Music" account has been disclosed, please contact "Fancy Music" immediately to take corresponding measures.

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